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Safety, quality and sustainability are essential when it comes to manufacturing personal care and household products as well as their inner and outer packaging. Consumers are increasingly demanding proof of quality – starting with the raw materials, but also in terms of the manufacturing process and the finished product. In addition, stricter requirements are having to be met in terms of the effectiveness and sustainability of individual products. Whether there is a need to meet tighter market requirements or a greater obligation to back up one’s claims, we at roth combine the longstanding expertise of an experienced tool maker with market knowledge of high-specification applications; together we can give careful thought to the development of mould and tooling solutions which satisfy more than just the final consumer.


Good packaging is half the battle – there is no denying the impact that elegant yet practical packaging can have on sales figures. We supply innovative injection mould tooling solutions for single-use or reusable packaging – with the focus on thin wall and logistics packaging. We have the expertise to produce unique, functional logistics packaging such as system and transport containers, thin-wall packaging, rigid packaging, as well as packaging for personal care and pharmaceutical products. The latest options such as multi-component technology, also combined with in-mould labelling (IML), ensure the highest levels of efficacy and efficiency.

Our USP? We tackle your problems together!

We at roth have wide-ranging expertise when it comes to household and personal care products and their packaging. We combine longstanding know-how in the field of tool making with modern, fully-automated production processes, thus achieving the excellent levels of performance and efficiency which give you a competitive edge.

A central element of our packaging know-how is modular IML automation, developed in-house, which can easily be adapted to suit nearly any tool. A six-axis robot performs all the functions of traditional linear systems – molds: unique. precise. turnkey.

We at roth recognise the importance of using stable, robust materials, which ensures that we can benefit from high injection pressures and thus optimal cycle times, and that the tool has remarkable durability. Cooling within the tool is a particularly important factor. Precise, highly-effective cooling systems and/or sophisticated, specially designed methods of cooling within the tool are worth considering. That is why we are happy to work alongside manufacturers to develop the optimal mould and tooling solution, with the focus on benefiting all parties along the value chain and prioritising cost effectiveness at all times. We supply our mould and tooling solutions ready to use. This means that they have been run in and validated at our in-house technical centre ready for series production, with a view to minimising delays and idle times at your series manufacturing plant and sparing you any unwelcome downtime when you start production.

molds: unique. precise. turnkey.

  • Inmold Decoration Molds (IMD/IML)
  • Thin-wall technology

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