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The world’s population is not only rising steadily; it is also ageing. By 2050, it will number about 10 billion people, many of whom will be living in countries with no access to medical care in well-equipped hospitals. And in industrialised countries in particular, life expectancy is also rising. It is self-evident that these trends will lead to an increase in the global need for medical and pharmaceutical disposables for e.g. self-medication. The manufacture of products and packaging for such articles faces particular challenges such as to meet strict hygiene requirements. We, roth combine the expertise of an experienced toolmaker within the field of injection molding with the ability to meet the specific manufacturing demands of the medical sector, and are able to supply sophisticated solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products as well as packaging equipment.

What' the special thing? Our excellent standards in toolmaking.

Growing demands are being placed on the productivity of manufacturers of medical articles and packaging for medical disposables. Our product developers and toolmakers are well acquainted with the specific challenges associated with this specialised market, the greater expense involved in risk assessment, and the special requirements to be met in terms of equipment maintenance and inspection, cleaning as well as storage. The modern, fully-automated planning and production processes and the intelligent manufacturing sequences ensure high shot numbers, excellent dimensional accuracy, and extremely low cycle times, even for the manufacture of high-cavity molds, which ensures the highest possible benefit not only for the patient.

The long life of our molds & tools demonstrates that our solutions for the manufacture of technical parts and packaging are not only efficient and sophisticated, but also sustainable. Our precise solutions are tested, run and developed for series production at our in-house technical center. Thus, your production start as well as avoiding waiting and down-times is ensured. Our team continues to be at your disposal even after your tools have been put into operation, of course.

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