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Safety, quality and sustainability are crucial for the production of personal car and household appliances as well as their packaging and overpack. Consumers demand more detailed quality certifications not only due to the feedstock of the product itself. Moreover, the whole production process and full life cycle is taken into consideration. Furthermore, extended requirements in regards of performance and sustainability rule the market. Whether stringent laws or documentation obligations we at roth are aware of the special market demands. We combine long-term expertise as toolmaker with the ability to meet the specific manufacturing requirements of the consumer markets, and are able to supply sophisticated solutions for personal care & household appliances as well as packaging equipment.

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Our project managers, designers and tool manufacturers combine many years of expertise in tool design and construction of household and personal care products with cutting-edge, fully automated planning and production processes. Unique and highly precise manufacturing flows ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, we pass this cost benefit on to our partners, whom are able to use it as a competitive advantage.

Our 24/7 multiple-shift operation enables us to guarantee the shortest delivery and response times. Our state-of-the-art machinery range safeguards the precision and lowest fault rates. Especially, we are very proud of our technical center. Here we run, test and drive our tool and mold solutions under production conditions to excellency. We deliver our tools turnkey; validated for series production to ensure your market entry with no waiting or down-times. Naturally, our team continues to be at your disposal even after your tools have been put into operation.

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