Primed and ready – tooling solutions
ready to use

Optimisation of tools on YOUR machine at our mold testing & process validation centre!

Schüsselfertig Turnkey Solution Werkzeugbau

Tooling solutions ready to use’ is not just an empty phrase for us! In addition to performing mould validation on our machinery, we also enable our partners to tap unimagined potential by having our experienced personnel commission their machinery and optimise the installation of the tool on the series manufacturing machine directly at our technical centre! Once the optimal synergy has been achieved, we will deliver the solution to you ready for immediate use.

A one-stop service provider: saving time, expense and – above all – stress

  • Support with part design and machine concept right up to final series production
  • Tool is run in directly on the series manufacturing machine, including automation
  • Parallel optimisation of tool and machine possible
  • Training for employees released from the existing production line
  • The plant can be accepted, approved, stored, and its customs duty paid as a single entity

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