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Suds containers are the heart of every washing machine. Particularly complex tools are needed to manufacture them. These do not just present particular challenges to our tool construction – in fact all work sections of Roth are stretched to a maximum.

Thus we were already restricted during product development and elaborated a completely fresh solution for how the mould can be used for different product models without its having to be removed from the injection moulding machine. The exchangeable crown in this process is an in-house development by Roth. A cooling concept was developed early. From the cooling computation were derived specific requirements that could only be met by the use of special materials and high-performance materials in the mould.

Accepting challenges

The worldwide rollout made particular demands on our project management and the planning of service offers. But the implementation of the tools really demanded all our know-how. A washing machine has a standard dimension of 60 cm width. At the same time, the holding capacity of modern machines is continually increasing. This necessitates larger diameters of the suds containers. Today, design engineers go up to the limit of about 58 cm.

The solution

The tools consist of a multiplicity of die inserts nesting within one another, which have to be manufactured for final assembly handwork-free and ready for installation from machine production. The essential rotation of the drum is ensured by the 100 % dimensional accuracy of the suds container halves. This requirement marks these tools out typically for industrial and 100 % repeatable tool production.

This  makes this a prime example of the necessity of realising these tools inter alia by means of our  modern milling line. More than 300 functional dimensions of the respective suds container half require a quality repeatable at any time. The cost-effective supply of future spare parts and new mould inserts now works rapidly and without the need for reworking.

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