The roth feeling  tool design and development with heart and mind.

The latest technologies in conjunction with long years of experience in tool design and development – that is the secret of roth’s unique, high-end quality und reliable tools. As a family business, tradition is very important to us. Handing it on and sustainably thinking towards the future are key. Therefore, tradition and innovation are indivisible corner stones for us.

As family-owned company with 130 highly qualified employees, a cutting-edge made-in-Germany-production as well as our 24/7 multi-shift operation we are available all around the clock – globally! From the initial request, the concept phase throughout the tool delivery and beyond we are your professional and personal partner. Our long-term experience within multiple industries and for numerous applications ensures our thinking outside of the box. Thus, we are able to develop the optimum and most efficient solution together with our partners – from the first idea, the finalized mold or tool solution until series production and beyond.

Roth mold + automation means expertise, know-how and highest quality from one source – and the best thing about it: as turnkey solution! This avoids headaches due to readjustment and running-in times as we deliver our tools ready for series production, which ensures a trouble-free and smooth manufacturing start.   

We work with an uncompromising passion for quality and precision. Always seeking for the perfect solution: unique. precise. turnkey.

How we get things done  unique. precise. turnkey.

Project management: transparent. on time. reliable.

A personal project leader sees your request through from the concept phase to tool delivery and beyond. Your contact at roth is available for advice and support at any time. Transparency and timeliness are a matter of course for us. This also counts for the highest quality standards and precision in our work.

Tool design: innovation at the highest level

Our design engineers and CNC programmers work at 30 CAD workstations consistently with passion and care to detail with 3D CAD systems and state-of-the-art software solutions to transfer ideas to unique series. Our service incorporates mold-flow analysis to calculate cooling, component distortion, shrinkage and cycle times as well as support in product design for IMD- & IML-applications - always seeking for the most efficient solution for our partners. 

Tool manufacturing: quality, precision and the highest repetitive accurancy

Cutting-edge production methods, such as for instance the rapid prototyping method and 3D printing, together with well-conceived manufacturing processes safeguard a maximum of efficiency, what reflects in significant added value for our partners. Thanks to our ultra-modern machinery, we work highly efficient with a minimum of manual labor, which guarantees consistent high-quality and highest repetition accuracy. Our fully automated milling line and superior range of eroding and grinding technologies lead to extremely short cycle times with highest dimensional exactness. In addition, the 24/7 multi-shift operation enables the shortest delivery and reaction times.

To complete production our tool-assembly specialists compose all tested and calibrated components into top-quality, precise and reliable tool solutions – for total tool weights of up to 16 tonnes and plate sizes of up to 2,000 millimetres.

Tryout: in-house technical center for turnkey solutions

Looking for a new tool that functions smoothly and works most effective from day one? Because of our in-house tryout center this becomes reality! From the first functional testing through the qualification phase to the mapping of a series-production process, we create tool solutions fit for everyday operation at our partners’ plant. That’s why we treat the tool optimization with highest caution. Certainly, not everything fits always at the first time, but we are committed to develop turnkey mold & tool solutions, which can be directly started a series production with. Thus, down or waiting times are avoided.

Equipment of technical center

  • Different KraussMaffei machines (110-, 250-, 500- and 1300-tonne shooting power) for technical injection moulding
  • 2 high-speed machines by Netstal (350- and 550-tonne shooting power) for the packaging sector
  • Multicomponent technology
  • 6-axis robotics
  • Fully automatic injection moulding operation
  • Small-batch production possible
  • Highly suitable for test tools and pilot phases

For further details please have a look in our showroom.

More than service: reliable global support

As matter of course we accompany our partners even after commissioning of their tools. Our technical field service assists for the whole life cycle time of the tool as competent contact partner – unique. precise. turnkey.  

In case you need to hurry things up our "emergency service" will rapidly explore solutions to solve your crisis.

Our technical support at a glance

  • Mentoring of production starts
  • Support during relocations of production
  • Onsite emergency service for production outage
  • Supply and installation of spare parts
  • Servicing of tools
  • Onsite maintenance instruction
  • Training of employees on site or at roth
  • System and process consultation

Where we get things done  global presence.

Since our founding around 30 years ago, we have developed continuously into a world-known full-service provider of turnkey tool and mold solutions within the field of injection molding. Our passion for tool and mold making is unconditional and knows no borders - our solutions are found in production sites of our partners globally.