Holistic Service

Services prior the mold or tooling production

  • Mold-flow analysis incl. cooling and warpage simulation, shrinkage analysis & cycle time determination
  • Consultancy in the development of product innovations
  • Support in product design especially in regards to IML-Technology
  • Material optimization - rapid prototyping
  • Development of prototype tools
  • Plant- & process consulting incl. injection molding process consultancy

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Services while the mold and tooling production

  • Comprehensive and transparent information throughout your personal project manager
  • Cutting edge fully automated machinery as well as processing with state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified and motivated personnel
  • Continuous CAD/CAM linkage ensures highest accuracy and a 100% repeatability of all mold and tool components
  • Outstanding grinding technology: flat and profile grinding, 2D and 3D jig grinding as well as internal & external cylindrical grinding with an accuracy of 1μm to support a plug & play interchangeability of components and spare parts at its best
  • An above-average machinery of eroding technology: wire or sink erosion of very small parts up to processing of large mold cores with extreme dimensional precision; shorter process times are achieved throughout the deployment of fully automated pallet changeover systems and electrode changers
  • Fully automated 5-axis HSC milling line: 150-tool changers & a shuttle table system with parametric fixtures enables minimum lead times
  • Photo-electronical online tool measurement with automized tool compensation  
  • 24/7 multi shift system to ensure extremely short reaction times 
  • Article measuring and complete test reports
  • Latest measurement methods under the air-conditioned terms e.g. equipped with optical video microscopy
  • Measurement recording
  • Single part quality checks based on customer-specific specification sheet as well as internal inspection guidelines
  • DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified

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Services while and after the supply of the mold or tooling solution

  • Installation and start-up of our mold and tool solutions; global commissioning with your plants 
  • Mentoring of production starts and ramp-ups
  • In-house try-out center for mold and tool qualification as well as small-batch production
  • Commissioning of your injection molding machine in our try-out center
  • Intensive onsite coaching of the personnel or at our facility
  • Supply of a tooling kit including technical documentation and CE-certification
  • In-process tool and system support
  • On-site emergency support in case of production shutdown
  • Spare part supply and installation
  • Maintenance of molds and tools; on-site maintenance instructions

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Our sales team

Torsten Meyer

Head of Sales

Phone: +49 36626 / 31 74 19

Benjamin Noack

Head of Field Sales

Phone: +49 36626 / 31 74 19

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